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Welcome to the THE CAVES OF “EL TOLL” website.

Discover the historical and cultural value of these caves and the ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM of Moià.

You can also have information about RAFAEL CASANOVA MUSEUM, the HISTORIC BACKGROUND of Moià and the Museum Collections of “Patronat de Museus” of Moià (local association of museums).

TOURIST VISITS, also tourist visits in GROUPS to enjoy the Caves of “El Toll” (Moià), on working days there are visits guided for groups (elderly people, scholars, etc). PREHISTORIC MARKET FOR SCHOOL: to learn about prehistory with activities and workshops for kids.



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C/ Rafael Casanova, 8 - 08180 Moià (BCN) - - +34 938209134 - FAX: +34 938208535

The prehistoric cave of “EL TOLL” is located in Moià. They have a very good geographical situation, they are between two important Catalan cities: Vic and Manresa and they are only 31 miles (50 km) from Barcelona. 

It is one of the most important caves in Europe in the fauna of the Quaternary. Some remains of fire and some flint tools from the Mousterian have been found. These remains demonstrate the human presence of the Neanderthal man during the Middle Paleolithic (between 100.000 and 40.000 years old). We invite you to visit the prehistoric caves and the archaeological museum to know more about the human presence of the Neanderthal man during the Paleolithic

You can do many activities around the Prehistoric caves of “EL TOLL”. You can find very interesting activities for children, activities for students and activities for groups, etc.
The week before the PREHISTORIC MARKET IN MOIÀ, the PREHISTORIC MARKET FOR SCHOOLS (Learning prehistory at school) takes place with activities and workshops for kids.
You will be able to visit the prehistoric caves of “El Toll” and be able to learn about daily life of prehistoric man: cutting flint, fire, hunting with arch and propellant, making necklaces of bones, shepherd's bags made of leather, musical instruments, rupestrian painting, tattoos, body painting, pottery, basket workshops and grain mill, an amazing way to work on the prehistory at schools.

Archaeological and historical museum of the Caves of “El Toll”

In the archaeological museum in Moià we can see the subtractions found in the complex of the prehistoric caves of “El Toll”. This complex contains four caverns and an abyss that were formed during the period of the Pliocene in the Quaternary.

The main cave has the form of a big T with two exits and an itinerary almost 1,24 miles long, of which 172.79 yards (158 meters) can be visited. Part of its inside is full of sediments, dragged by the river, that mingle with the remains of animals and of men that have lived there in the last 100.000 years.

You can come to Moià to know about our prehistory and you can also know about the history of our country. The archaeological Museum of Moià is placed in the natal house of Rafael Casanova. It is the house where Rafael Casanova was born in 1660.
Rafael Casanova was the Counselor of the City of Barcelona during a difficult historic time in Catalonia. He is the hero of the defence of our country during the siege of the city by the Bourbon troops in 1714.

It is the Museum of Rafael Casanova where you can find an explanation of the life of Rafael Casanova, the municipal file and the paleontological and archaeological museum of Moià.